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That’s Hot – Celebrating Fashion on Satellite TV

People all over the world have a fascination with celebrities, the young, beautiful, and sometimes-talented individuals who grace the covers of magazines, TV screens, and billboards. While most of these well-known faces probably do not deserve the hero worship they receive, they act as wonderful catalysts for the introduction and distribution of trends internationally. A beautiful dress worn by a stunning actress at an awards show can spawn thousands of knock offs and individual interpretations globally. People sitting at home can take in catwalks from New York to Milan by doing nothing more than changing the channel. Using a digital video recorder with their satellite television, interested parties can record their favorite fashion shows and tv programs dedicated to the celebration and study of fashion. Shows like “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway” take viewers behind the scenes of the fashion world and reveal the process supporting the end product we the consumers have always been in awe of.

“America’s Next Top Model” essentially reveals that models do indeed get paid far too much for what they actually do, but also shows the more artistic role played by photographers as well as makeup artists and designers. Seeing the models in high definition has the double sided effect of making you marvel at how someone can be so tall and so thin while also making you want to serve them a deep fried sandwich for health and sanity’s sake. “Project Runway” does more to shed a light on the artistic vision and skill required to become a truly successful designer. The ability to make a stylish skirt out of little more than coffee filters deserves more than some applause and an approving nod from Heidi Klum. The intricacy of design and craftsmanship in HD elicits a new kind of appreciation for the work and dedication that goes into the design aspect of fashion.

The accessibility of shows such as these and their spin-offs with other countries such as, Brazil and Australia’s respective “Next Top Models”, increases the global influence of fashion. A person no longer has to be a dedicated fashionista pouring through the pages of dense fashion magazines to discover the latest trends abroad. Simply turn on the satellite tv and browse the channels to see what’s hot in other countries. Walking down the street of any major city in the world there are men and women strutting about in the same garb as the residents of New York, Milan, and London, though perhaps with a country specific twist of their own. What is unfortunate is that most of the major centers of fashion are located in the Northern Hemisphere, leaving the people down south to follow a season behind or dress wildly inappropriate for the climate they live in, either option being a bit of a downer. Whether through popular reality shows or televised catwalks, fashion is becoming more globalized than ever before, allowing international tastes to play off and influence one another on a grander, more fabulous scale.

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