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7 Reasons Why Teachers Should Celebrate Less Intelligent Students

February 3rd, 2017

In the education sector, the grading scale is used to judge a student’s academic performance. The letter grading system is used for measuring and grouping of students into either excellent student or a failure based on their cognitive achievement. Today, there is more to do than just setting up a standard grading scale for assessment of students.Generally speaking, learners have academic challenges, and it is accepted as a norm in the academic world that the intelligent active students with higher IQ are more successful in life than less intelligent students. However, based on real life experiences, the opposite is happening.

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Hot And Sexy Kournikova

January 19th, 2017

Former professional tennis player and a model, Russian sensation Anna Kournikova is undeniably one of the hottest and sexiest female athletes that ever graced the world of tennis. Though she has retired from playing, the public has kept an eye on her as people follow her every move, especially her high-profile romance with another sexy and hot celebrity – pop star Enrique Iglesias.

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Celebrity Matches That Are Dazzling Tinsel Town

January 2nd, 2017

Wanting to know about your favourite star’s personal life isn’t unusual. We all want to know the going-ons that take place in their daily lives, and sometimes even devote hours trying to read up on news, gossip and any tidbit that can be found. It’s therefore not very unusual for elite matrimony celebrity matches to show up on tabloids, internet sites, news channels or any other media whatsoever. Here are a few celebrity matches that have been on the top of the tinsel town matrimony list lately.

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